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Not one single natural ingredient has me quite as verklempt as borax. ” Not surprising, all of the confusion, given the severe lack of cohesive information out there about the safety of borax.Nearly every “green cleaning” site lists it as a wonder cleaner. The Borax Council has done a terrible job at educating the public. I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of most of it, though, and maybe what I’ve found will help you make a decision as to whether you want to use it in your green cleaning (and beauty) routine … Borax, also known (most predominately in the way we’re talking about right now) as sodium tetraborate, is a boron mineral and salt that’s mined directly from the ground. That’s where the majority of the online confusion appears. Let me tell you what some other people say, though: You confused yet? People even take borax as a supplement and swear by it (I am NOT recommending you do this).First comes emptiness or loss, then we see something attractive outside ourselves that promises to fill that emptiness, then we crave.

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Some skeptics became monks […] Read more » Meditation & Tara Practice Guidance by Jacqueline Mandell Resident Teacher The new year is a time for reflection, resolutions and reinvigorating our practice. Please bring Tara Text, meditation cushion, under cushion. Questions: [email protected] more » 21 Praises to Tara, the Female Buddha: Expressions of Thanksgiving Jacqueline Mandell, Fri. 17, 7-pm, $20 Buddhism acknowledges our precious human birth as an opportunity to bring forth powerful, ethical and compassionate principles to life.

In January, we will begin our time together with 30 minutes of silent mindfulness followed by Tara meditation practice. Join us for this beautiful […] Read more » Tara Meditation Practice 2 Sunday’s: November 19th & December 10th 2017. 3-5pm at Tabor Space: 5441 Se Belmont St Portland 97215. Naming, honoring, and visualizing these principles can spark greater awareness in our day to day life and practice.

Samden Ling’s practice center focuses on the Longchen Nyingthig, Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse, and on Adzom Drukpa’s revealed cycle, Secret Treasure of the Luminous Vajra, considered a “child” of this lineage.

Samden Ling Newsletter for June 2018 In this issue: June Practice Dates: Dakini Day and Guru Rinpoche Day Saga Dawa – Tuesday, May 29th Portland Buddhist Festival This Weekend Adzom Gyalse Rinpoche Registration Open Green Tara Empowerment with Khenpo Lodro Rinpoche Lama Tsultrim Allione Teaching at Whidbey Island Integrate the Blessings of Guru Rinpoche & […] Read more » Dakini Day and Guru Rinpoche Day Practice & Tsok ~ Celebrate the close blessing energies of the deities Thursday, May 10th: Dakini Day is celebrated by food offerings (tsok) and practice on the 25th day of each lunar month. The dakini principle, associated with the feminine energies, […] Read more » April News There are several incredible events and opportunities to share with you this month, so we decided to make a special news edition for you!

With over 40 years of Buddhist training and practice, and a compassionate wish to be of service […] Read more » Guidance by Jacqueline Mandell, Resident Teacher At the beginning of the lunar new year and for 15 days afterward, Shakyamuni Buddha performed multiple miracles and taught daily in response to challenges from skeptics of the six major philosophical schools of his day.

Through these activities, thousands adopted the Buddhist path.

But, frankly, the only time I ever see any trace of residue on my dishes when I’ve used homemade dishwasher detergent is while washing the few plastics that still remain in my house. So, going forward, I’ll still be using my borax and washing soda dishwasher detergent, I’ll just be washing my plastics by hand (and little-by-little getting rid of them all together …

Samden Ling is dedicated to the: Longchen Nyingthig: Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

(I’m not going to get into the “is boric acid safe or not” question here, because that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.) Borax and boric acid are found together in many places, especially volcanic areas where the borax has naturally reacted with sulfur. – borax is just fine to use in my household cleaning routine. It’s also fine to use, occasionally, as a hair treatment … I’ll just be keeping it out of the reach of kids and my two cats.

Not that any of those beings would want to eat it anyway. My only teeny, tiny, miniscule concern still lies in using it in my dishwasher detergent. And, moreover, I now have a compilation of all kinds of fancy information for the people who come down the road, aghast that I recommend using borax.

Natural beauty books are rife with suggesting it as a hair softener. And upset commenters have left diatribes and sent consternating emails about my recipes using borax proclaiming it “toxic! With no surprise; at least half of the studies I’ve found and citations I’ve read have listed their testing matter as “either sodium borate or boric acid.” The difference between the two is: Boric acid is produced when borax is reacted with another acid (like sulfuric or hydrochloric acid). Here’s one more bit of info for you: Boron is an essential mineral that the body needs for bone building, immune function, and brain function. But, like anything, it’s needed in small moderation. That’s a little extreme, but I use it as a gauge as to how harmful borax really is. It doesn’t cause cancer, accumulate in the body, or absorb through the skin. In fact, the largest borax (borate) mine in the world – found in Boron, California – is considered by many to be the most ecologically sound and environmentally sustainable mine in the United States.

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