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Geng says Blued has already surpassed Jack'd in China, and while the Belgian app enjoys strong numbers in big cities like Shanghai, Blued has already monopolized the market in China's second- and third-tier cities."Jack'd doesn't have great Android capabilities, whereas Blued does," Geng explains.Blued aims to penetrate 10 million smartphones across the country.

There are premium features that require additional fees but allow you to access unlimited profiles and send messages across the site as well as access bonus information about other users, control your own privacy settings and use the advanced search function.

The site is quite unique in that it offers both English and Thai versions meaning language shouldn’t be a barrier.

Nevertheless, Blued faces international competition. "I use Grindr, but people in China use it so little," he said.

Chinese gay men – including Wang and Geng – typically refer to Jack'd by its Chinese name jie ke di, which literally translates to a place where a sex worker finds his or her John.

Many of the men using gay hook-up apps in China are looking for sex, Wang admitted, but he asserted safe sex is easier to find now than it was before the apps existed.

Wang said that when he logs onto Jack'd anywhere in China, men typically greet him and almost immediately engage in discussions on casual sex.

This attracts more Thai ladies than most sites and is one of the primary reasons for its high levels of membership.

Typically there are between 5,000 and 10,000 Thai women online at any given time. The famous Thai term for an open relationship, fuck buddy, or bit on the side.

If you are new to Thailand, this is probably the fastest way to meet Thai women that doesn’t involve plucking up a lot of confidence to make the first move in person.

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