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You may also be subject to penalty fines and interest for incorrect or late filings and payments.

For Quick Books Desktop Payroll Assisted: If there is an unavoidable reason for you to backdate, before doing so, please contact the Quick Books Desktop Assisted Payroll Support team.

The Government says the legislation is intended to reduce potential costs to employers and give certainty to workers on their rights on holiday pay.

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The Government has also confirmed that workers’ rights in respect of pay for statutory holiday are purely statutory, and not contractual, with the intention that individuals cannot therefore use breach of contract law to circumvent the 2 year limit for unlawful deductions.

Some practical implications of the new legislation, and the decision, will take time to work their way through the court and tribunal system.

To ensure your employees are paid on time, Quick Books Desktop Payroll requires paychecks be submitted to Intuit before pm PT, 2 banking days prior to the check date. Determining whether your payroll is late or not varies depending on whether you use Quick Books Assisted Payroll (Full-Service), or Quick Books Enhanced Payroll (DIY).

Intuit and banks take at least 2 banking days to process a direct deposit.

Remember to adjust your payroll schedule to take into account for holidays. In the above Friday pay date example, if there is a Thursday holiday, you will need to transmit your paychecks before PM Pacific Time on Tuesday to meet the submission deadline.

Since tax agencies calculate payments based on the check date, not the pay period date, late paychecks will often result in a late payment to state or federal agencies.

We can help you through the process to make it as easy as possible for you.

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For example, if your checks are dated for a Friday, and you submit direct deposit to Intuit on a Thursday, the employees will not receive the funds until the following banking day (typically Monday). Pacific Time deadline on Wednesday or any time on Thursday or later, it's considered a late payroll since there was less than two banking days between the day you transmitted the paycheck and the effective date of the paycheck.

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