Avoid dating pitfalls

The life they show you looks like a Rick Ross music video shoot when in reality their life is more like a lost episode of Good Times. The Church Girl I love when I open a girl’s page and the first thing it says is, “First of all, God is first in my life.

All things through Christ Jesus,” which is quickly followed by her montage of photos naked in the bathroom mirror holding her hands over her nipples.

Pages are crammed with images of huge homes and expensive designer clothing.

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I didn’t see anything wrong with enjoying the admiration and flirtation of a different guy every few months.

When my sister gave me the book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” for a graduation gift, I thought it sounded dorky and old fashioned.

There they are, my brothers, the main pitfalls of internet dating.

Take this knowledge and remember knowing if half the battle.

Too bad the only things he produces are empty beer cans and terrible life choices and the last thing he rapped was a pair of shoes when his shift at Foot Locker ended.

When you meet someone whose job doesn’t send them a W-2 form you should just leave.

The internet baller has a ,000.00 SUV and also sleeps on a twin bed near the water heater.

The internet baller wears nothing but designer clothing and can’t make a withdrawal from an ATM because they usually have a .00 minimum withdrawal so that cool .00 they need to withdrawal will have to wait until the bank is open.

Now this walking safety vest has his eyes set on you and you won’t be able to tell because he won’t take off those gotdamn sunglasses.

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