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There’s another issue: it takes time to recover from a break-up.

Trying to immediately fill the gap left by an ex-spouse is rarely a recipe for a healthy relationship.

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Theology aside, I admit that when I began my dating journey, I was somewhat prejudiced against divorcés.

I knew it was unfair: many people’s marriages end against their will, and through no fault of their own.

So if being divorced isn’t a deal-breaker for you, and you find yourself interested in someone who’s single for the second time, here are my top seven issues to consider… Is the marriage definitely over, with no chance of reconciliation? Do they have ‘closure’ or are they still dealing with shock and grief? Are they able to discuss their former spouse without too much anger and bitterness? If they cheated, do they accept full responsibility for their behaviour and show genuine repentence?

Have they been able to forgive (or are they at least working on it)? What have they learned from the experience, and what would they do differently in a future relationship? How do they plan to protect any future marriage from infidelity? If they have children, can you embrace them as part of the ‘package’?

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d already proved they had no staying power.

And what about all that emotional baggage that comes with a divorce – once bitten, twice shy? But over time, I had to repent of my prejudices and revise my assumptions.

Others believe God doesn’t condemn us to be single forever if we, or our former spouse, made mistakes or behaved badly.

It’s a theological tangle I’m not qualified to unpick – we each have to exercise our own judgement.

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