Advise dating girl man older young

But, face it: She’s giving up some of the qualities that studly young men have to offer in order to be with a mature gentleman like you.

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Understanding why you want to date her and why she wants to date you is always the first thing to consider.

You want a woman whose company you can enjoy for many years.

There are two reasons why you should never do this.

First, it will ruin your mystique and turn all of the power over to her.

Be cool, calm, relaxed and totally in control of yourself and the situation.

Chivalry is pretty much dead in the modern dating universe that younger women have grown accustomed to, but it has never gone out of style in the minds of women.

Most of all, give her your sincere respect and attention.

Chances are good that no one has ever made her feel like a princess before. The attraction of an older guy is his mystique and his ability to control himself and the world around him. Every guy she has been out with since she was in college has tried to get in her pants on the first date.

You want to show her you care and remind her that you are available to her, but you don’t want to cramp her style or intrude too far into her personal life.

You might run the show with her, but you have no business running her family, and you shouldn’t try to monopolize too much of her time.

Women want a man who leads, is fearless, decisive and willing to take charge. Follow the same pattern for ordering food, selecting what music to play or whatever it might be.

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